Eco-friendly & sustainable. No compromises.

As an eco-conscious brand, we make the choice to be ethical & responsible in the way we run our business - even in the smallest details.




The idea behind our vintage and pre-loved collection is to be a part of limiting the amount of clothing waste ending up in our landfills. As well as encouraging others to buy used items with minimal wear, that can be given a new life.

Our vintage and pre-loved collection is a curated selection of high quality clothing, including designer brands, earth tones and unique pieces.



100% Recycled Paper

All the paper we use at ARDOR + WILD is made of 100% recycled post-consumer content. From our printer paper, your shipping label, our business cards, & to the note you receive with your order!


Biodegradable Kraft Tape

We use kraft paper tape, which is fully recyclable and with a renewable plant-derived adhesive, it's biodegradable too!


Packing Materials

We like to ship our hats out in eco-friendly flap and seal bags to keep our products safe from dust, dirt, scratches and moisture while in their boxes making their way to our customers. These bags are made of 100% recycled content and are resealable, so you can reuse them - keep photos, artwork, & even documents safe! 

For our clothing items, we wrap in recycled tissue paper, and tie with 100% organic cotton twine. If care is taken when opening, these materials can be reused and if not they are biodegradable!

Of course - our boxes are recyclable, as with all our packing materials! 



Locally Made Products

By making the choice to be eco-conscious, we have to consider the effects of harmful emissions caused from shipping overseas. We want to avoid this at all costs within the framework of our brand and goal. All our products will be made locally with this in mind.

We reside in the Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada, and our current manufacturer is within Greater Vancouver!





Conventional cotton and other materials alike require the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides, as well as the use of GMO's. We choose to use organic cotton and other sustainable materials that are cultivated in ways where these toxic chemicals are not needed. 

To keep our planet green and thriving, we want to avoid using any materials that can have a negative impact on our environment in their production.