Who are we?

ARDOR + WILD is an eco-friendly online shop that has a passion for the care and future of our planet, and all of it's ecosystems. We are committed to putting out sustainable goods, clothing and accessories alike, as well as donating 5% of our profits to the David Suzuki Foundation. Click here to learn more about this amazing non-profit organization!


Fast fashion needs to be phased out, and slow fashion needs to become the norm! This is crucial in sustaining our earth, as mass produced clothing is not often made ethically, often doesn’t hold the best quality or can be made with materials that are not derived from eco-friendly sources leading to depletion of resources, pollution, and a lot of dead stock. We want to help change the standards of how clothing and other apparel are made and sold, and to give back to our planet! We strive to have a low environmental impact, as well as lead our lives and business into a more sustainable future.

How we started 

We are a husband and wife partnership who had a dream of creating something, that meant something. We needed our business to create a positive change. We're excited to be a brand that will offer a variety of eco-friendly and organic products, as well as other sustainable fashion options. 

When a product is sold, 5% of the profits will be donated to a an environmental non-profit organization. Currently we are partnered with the David Suzuki Foundation

With our passion and love for nature and our environment, we are creating a brand that stands for more than just being a brand.